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Things shift dramatically when you realize these three things:

  1. Thoughts are just thoughts. They aren’t always true, important, or meaningful. 
  2. Feelings aren’t problems to be fixed. They are all part of the human experience.
  3. Taking values-aligned action is the key to living a life that fulfills you.

Embracing these ideas allows us to:

  • Practice radical acceptance
  • Give up the struggle to be perfect
  • Stop being controlled by our self-critical voice
  • Focus on what really matters to us
  • Regain perspective on life and embody a willingness to ride its waves
  • Experience less of a negative emotional impact when things don’t go as planned

As a licensed psychotherapist and writer, I want to take these ideas – founded on concepts from psychology, philosophy, and spirituality – and discuss them with you in a way that feels real and applicable, and maybe even exciting. I want to surf this metaphorical ocean of life with you. I want to be there with you, through the pain and also through the laughter, accepting it all as a meaningful part of the human experience. 

I want to help guide you to look at your thoughts in a new way, experience your feelings in a new way, and commit to behaving in a new way that feels authentic and right

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About Me

I’m a Los Angeles based Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW 86539) who helps adult individuals manage issues related to anxiety, depression, sexual trauma, life transitions, spiritual development, and women’s issues. My clinical background is in addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Using gentle encouragement and mindfulness-based techniques, I help individuals process difficult emotions and implement meaningful behavioral change. I primarily use the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, model when practicing psychotherapy. This approach helps a person strengthen their psychological flexibility – meaning, their ability to stay present and remain true to their values in the face of emotional challenges.

I provide inclusive psychotherapy services, taking a holistic approach from a culturally sensitive, feminist, and LGBTQIA+ affirmative perspective. I believe that there is space for both tears and laughter in the therapy room, welcoming all thoughts and feelings with a nonjudgmental attitude.

To schedule an appointment, contact me at lp@lindseypeterslcsw.com. For all other messages and inquiries, I can be reached at lindseypeters.lcsw@gmail.com.

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