How I Can Help You

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing individual psychotherapy services in Los Angeles. If you’re interested in working with me, send me an email at:

If you aren’t in the Los Angeles area, follow the blog portion of this site! Disclaimer: It’s not a substitute for professional psychotherapy, and I’d recommend that you find a therapist in your area if you’re interested. 

My hope is that this space can inspire you to think deeply about yourself, both independently and in relationship with your environment. What is the ‘self’ – where does it start, and where does it end? If thinking is just thinking and we aren’t our thoughts, what are we? Who is the one who notices the thinking? What role does our environment play in our discovery of self? Can we explore our being independent of our Earth, without considering the sun that gives us light, the trees that give us breath, the water that gives us life?

Join me in deep exploration of self, of love, and of universal oneness – held with lightness and open curiosity.